What I've Been up to...


Kong- King of the Apes  (Animation)   (Avi Arad) 
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Just finished the last ep of foley on Kong, a 16 partner for netflixs from Avi Arad also behind Xmen and spiderman. Very proud of our fur moves!!

Re recording Mixer Nick Harris. Foley Studio Tonic Sound.

93 Days (Steve Gukas) 
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Just finished shooting the foley for this true story on how the Ebola virus was contained in Nigeria due the infinitive and heroics of its doctors.

Supervising Sound Editor Cristina Aragon. Foley Studios- Tonic and Wildwood Sound.

‘Tarzan and Jane’
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Just competed the foley on our second netflixs animation series Tarzen and Jane full of creaks and whoosh!!
Re recording Mixer Nick Harris. Foley Studio Tonic Sound.

‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ 
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Just finished editing ADR on this serialization of the book by   Douglas Adams staring Elijah Wood and Samuel Barneet.
Re recording mixer Dean Giammarco.  
Dialogue Editor Sandra Portman

‘Just Charlie’  (Feature) (Rebekah Fortune) (Sea horse Films) Effects 
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Just finished Effects on this touching Nottingham produced film 'Just Charlie' -"Football star Charlie is a girl trapped in the body of a boy. Rejected by her Father and teammates will she ever play football again?"
Supervising Sound Editor Hames Hynes

‘A Dark Song’ (Feature) (Liam Gavin) 
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Just finished working on dialogues for this thrilling Thriller about the occult.  Supervising Sound Editor Cristina Aragon 

‘Don’t Take Me Home’ (Feature Doc) (Jonny Owen) 
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Just completed Dialogues on DTMH, based around the success story of the welsh football team. Also looked after Effects for opening sequences.
Re-recording mixer and sound Supervisor Susan Pennington

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I've just finished off helping out with effects on Gangsta series Snatch for the Farm. Guest staring Marc Warren as the excellent Bob Fink it has plenty of nods to the film.
Recording mixer Jules Wood.  Supervising Sound Editor Sue Malpass.

‘Finding Fatimah’  (Oz Arshad)
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I've just finished working on the Effects, Sound Design and Foley for Rom Com 'Finding Fatimah' A sweet story about a man who struggles to find love in the Asian community due to the stigma of his divorce
It was mixed at Pinewood by Pip Norton, Supervising Sound Editor was Neil Hillman.  In theatres April 21st.

ORION the man who would be king
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I've Just finished Dialogues and Effects on Jeanie Finlay's "ORION the man who would be king" . A Storyville feature doc about the man behind the mask who was mistaken for Elvis. Its premiering at Tribeca NY on the April 17th. Mixed by Pip Norton at Air Studios. http://www.pipnorton.com/

Toyota safety demo
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I've been working on the Sound Design for a Virtual Reality experience for a Toyota safety demo to be experienced via Oculus headset at Inition.

Next World
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Just completed Sound Design for "Next World" a sci fi pilot with music composed by Mike Palmer http://www.bornmusicians.com/ foley, ADR and mix Sue Malpass https://www.facebook.com/pages/TONIC-SOUND-LTD/323095307846862

Guest Speaker
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I was one of the guest speakers at WFTV's Sound ideas breakfast with Production sound and mixing colleagues Judi Lee-Headman and Pip Norton.

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"ELEANOR" a cinematic installation presented over three large interplaying screens is going to Soho Revue, a brand new gallery opening on Greek Street on 14th April. Sound Design yours truly mixed Rob Walker. http://www.robwalkersound.com/1/HOME.html

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I'm organizing another event on behalf of AMPS council and events team. A Dolby Atmos screening of Kingsman: the Secret Service followed by a Q&A with key members of the sound team Simon Hayes, Danny Sheehan and Matthew Collinge.

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Just completed Sound Design on 'Rose' a Horror/Thriller short music composed by Mike Palmer http://www.bornmusicians.com/ and foley and mix by Sue Malpass https://www.facebook.com/pages/TONIC-SOUND-LTD/323095307846862

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Luna picks up Raindance award for best British Feature Sound Designed by me and mixed by Ben Baird.

Nativity 3: Dude Wheres My Donkey
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Just finished Dialogues on this Xmas Comedy staring Cathrine Tate and Martin Clunes. Mixed by Dean Humphreys with Supervising Sound Editor Susan Pennington At Spool Nottingham.

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Just completed supervising and Sound design on 'Eleanor' a triple screen installation piece showing now at the Cobb Gallery Camden. Mixed by Rob Walker. Bafta winner Ruth Wilson plays 3 parts in 3 different stories which overlap and play simultaneously across 3 screens. Directed by Alex Warren and Tobias Ross-Southall and well worth a visit.

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Just completed the 2nd round of Sound Design on the green screen updated and reedited version of 'Luna' directed by Dave McKean. Mixed by Ben Baird at Aquarium Post

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Been shooting Foley for Sue Malpass on E4 drama series 'Siblings' at her new Tonic Sound Studio

Jewel of the Balkans
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Just completed supervising and sound effects edit on 'Jewel of the Balkans' Micro budget feature. Directed Richard Lipman.

Bula Quo
Watch on YouTube www.bulaquo.com/
First there were guitars then there were guns! I was supervising sound editor Action film staring Status Quo! Release coming soon.

Papadopoulous & Sons
YouTube Video www.papadopoulosandsons.com/#
I was Sound Effects Editor on this lovely film tipped to be the the next my Greek fat wedding. Release coming soon.

I am Nasrine
YouTube Video iamnasrine.com
I was Sound Effects editor on this Bafta nominated Indie.

YouTube Video
Just completed Sound Design on this Nollywood blockbuster.

YouTube Video www.dmasks.com/films/luna
Just completed Sound Design on this Fantasy with reality and the place in between - a new film from director Dave McKean

Riot on Redchurch Street
Just completed the edit on this rock and roll love triangle that ignites Anglo-Muslim racial tension in East London.

Nissan Duke Commercial
YouTube Video
Worked on the sound design of this viral mixed by James Hynes.

Currently working on Dialogues and Effects on the feature 'Amina'

Recently finished Effects on the Brit Rom Com 'Papadopoulos & Sons'

Sound Design on various trails for the 'Steel Battalion' campaign

Supervised the Sound of fun horror short 'The Rabbit Hole'

Gold Winner!! 'Crysis 2 The Wall' wins 'Best Use of Sound' at The Promaxbda M16 Game Marketing Awards 2011.

Just finished final Effects on the 'The Ballad of Sandeep' with mixer Pip Norton.

Just completed Sound Design for Little Big Planet 2 Trail with Media molecule/Sony

I've just completed the sound design on the controversial Channel 4 Docu-Drama 'The Taking of Prince Harry" which is based on the theoretical scenario of Prince Harry being taken prisoner by the Taliban while serving in Afghanistan

Sound Design on Homefront Games trailer for THQ/Kaos Studios

A trailer for Maverick Media on which I've been working on the sound design
ADR on the upcoming drama Nativity to be shown on the BBC over Christmas
Effects Editor on BBC's six-part drama following the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood - the men who blew the art world apart
Effects editor on Channel 4's 6 part comedy Free Agents staring Stephen Mangan
Dialogues & Effects on this one of drama which was part of the BBC's 'Curse of Comedy Season'
Effects editor on Tom Hunsinger and Neil Hunter's Film Sparkle which was a Edinburgh Gala feature
Effects editor on Harmony Korine's surreal film 'Mr Lonely' about a commune of lookie likeys
Dialogue Editor on Sandra Goldbacher's Ballet Shoes staring Victoria Wood and Emilia Fox
Dialogues and Effects Editor on this series for upcoming film directors
Effects Editor on Julian Gibey's 'Rollin with the nines' a Raindance Best Indie Feature winner